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Hostel CasablancaHostal Casa Blanca Medellin
Your Home
in Medellín

Transversal 5 a No. 45-256,
El Poblado,
Medellín, Colombia
+57 (4) 586-5149 +57 (4) 312 387 8294

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About Us

At the Casablanca Hostel, we have always been aware of the needs of those who visit the city, whether for tourism or business, and we know ...

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Transport to the Hostel
Laundry Service
We accept all mayor credit cards
Breakfast included
Eggs, Bread and Coffee.

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We have different kinds of rooms for your taste and comfort.
Multiple Rooms
Private Rooms

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Transversal 5 a No. 45-256
El Poblado
Tels: (57-4) 5865149
Cel: (57) 312 387 8294 Chat 24/7

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