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Hostel CasablancaHostal Casa Blanca Medellin
Your Home
in Medellín

Transversal 5 a No. 45-256,
El Poblado,
Medellín, Colombia
+57 (4) 586-5149 +57 (4) 312 387 8294

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Located in the traditional neighborhood El Poblado, with lots of green areas with large trees and a rich fauna, Casablanca is a hostel in Medellín , which is characterized by security, tranquility and comfort. It is the place to enjoy the best service with qualified staff to make guests feel at home in a family friendly atmosphere.

In Casablanca Hostel , we have always been aware of the needs of those who visit the city, either for leisure or business, and know that there is nothing better than arriving at a comfortable, safe and family likely establishment.

I's Strategic location and being one of the cheapest hostels in Medellin , Casablanca is the ideal place for hosting sports leagues , family or college groups, for domestic and foreign tourists.

In Casablanca Hostel, you will be a privileged guest to enjoy a pleasant and safe environment.

Mission - Vision


Give our guests a personalized and qualified service, ensuring them being safe and comfortable.


The Casablanca Hostel, aims to establish itself as the hostel in Medellin that offers the best hosting services for domestic and foreign tourists. serving its guests with quality and care that allows them to feel in a family atmosphere.


Service: Our commitment is to provide a pleasant stay to our guests, providing quality customer care and personalized service to meet the needs of our guests.

Responsability: We ensure that all acts of those who make the Casablanca Hostel, ensure the welfare of their customers. So we pay attention to the smallest details so that everything is clean and in order.

Warmth: we know that for a person the best is to get in a comfortable, safe place that makes you feel as in a family, therefore, we seek for our guests with respect, giving them the necessary support to enjoy everything that the city offers.


Transport to the Hostel
Laundry Service
We accept all mayor credit cards
Breakfast included
Eggs, Bread and Coffee.

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We have different kinds of rooms for your taste and comfort.
Multiple Rooms
Private Rooms

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Voluntary Work

Voluntary word: 4 days of work in exchange for 7 days stay and weekly laundry.

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Transversal 5 a No. 45-256
El Poblado
Tels: (57-4) 5865149
Cel: (57) 312 387 8294 Chat 24/7

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